The RACE kicks off our fall each year for 5 weeks on Sunday mornings. It's a large competition designed to be a welcome environment for friends and also to challenge youth at the beginning of a new school year to think about "who you are running for" and "what you are running toward." Through intense games, weekly challenges, and most importantly, relationship building, students get a visual of what it means to live a Christian life.

The purpose of the RACE is to challenge youth to live a life for Christ, build relationships between students and leaders and also use healthy competition to get students connected to Youth Ministry. 


1.     Will I have to actually play any games?

        A: You will not be asked to do anything you don’t want to do, but you will have a lot more fun if you really get involved!. Many points will also be rewarded for cheering and team spirit. The RACE, as with many things in life, will be as fun as you make it. It could be a highlight of the year if you let it be!

2.     So we’re just playing games over those weeks?

        A:  No. The RACE isn’t just a program about games or competition. The RACE is an outreach program that is designed to bring friends to and build relationships with other students and adults. There are also team building times and devotional times which connects The RACE we are supposed to run in our lives to the games which we’re playing.  This is far from “just games."

3.     Why should I invite my friends?

        A: You should invite your friends because they’ll have a blast, they’ll build new relationships, they’ll experience ‘church’ in a different way, they'll help your team and they’ll hear weekly about the God that loves them and wants a relationship with them. If you’re friends aren’t involved in a church, they need to be at The RACE!