21 days of prayer and fasting

Shaped by Prayer and Fasting

Jesus demonstrated the power of God through his miracles and teaching. His power flowed out of intimacy with the Father through prayer and fasting. We can also grow in experiencing God’s power and presence by stretching ourselves in prayer and fasting. As a church, we are dedicating the weeks of September 20 - October 11 as three weeks of prayer and fasting.


Here are a few steps you can take to begin your fasting and prayer journey:

1. Check out a few different types of fasting plans and find the one that fits your needs and health by clicking here.

2. During these 21 days, you can receive daily text messages by texting the keyword PROMPT to 317.961.3332.

3. Click here for a personal prayer guide you can use.

4. You are invited to join the all-church prayer and fasting calendar for the next three weeks to pray for our church family and local community on a specific day, click here.