Covid-19 Updates

5.8 - Update Video from Pastor James

Latest Updates for Church at the Crossing Regarding Covid-19

Church at the Crossing is currently holding all services online. Check back here for regular updates.

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Are you struggling and in need of support? This is a complicated season, and we are here to help each other. Whether you have a prayer request, need help finding our online church services, or can't figure out how to get your groceries delivered, we are here for you! While we can't promise to fix it all, we can help you come up with possible solutions! 


If you are looking for recommendations for professional counseling services or for support in an immediate crisis, we have compiled a list of counselors and resources for you.

Professional Support and Counseling 


In the coming weeks, we expect the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs in our community to increase. This might include prayer support, encouraging phone calls, delivering supplies, or even guidance to connect people with our online services and resources. Click the button below to be notified of needs as they arise.

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