The Board of Elders envisions the future God has for CATC and works in advance to remove any obstacles of this preferred future. The Elders also set budget and policies in line with this vision. The Elders pray for weekly prayer requests and work cooperatively with our pastors to accomplish the mission and vision of CATC. 

They serve in three-year terms and can serve two terms before rotating off of the Elder Board. These 15 Elders are joined by two non-voting elders (our Treasurer and Senior Pastor). 

Image for James Roberts

James Roberts

Senior Pastor

Image for Terry Horner

Terry Horner


Image for Pat Bailey

Pat Bailey

Image for Beth Baxter

Beth Baxter

Image for Florence Brown

Florence Brown

Image for Greg Brown

Greg Brown

Image for Matt Brown

Matt Brown

Image for Darryl Burgess

Darryl Burgess

Image for Phil Burress

Phil Burress

Image for Nick Deal

Nick Deal

Image for Maxine Jones

Maxine Jones

Image for Lynn Ledbetter

Lynn Ledbetter

Image for Barry Newborn

Barry Newborn

Image for Brad Schultz

Brad Schultz

Image for Andy Trowbridge

Andy Trowbridge

Image for Fred Vance

Fred Vance

Image for Bob Lazard

Bob Lazard

Treasurer | Non-Voting Member

VOTING MEMBERS: Andy Trowbridge, Beth Baxter, Fred Vance, Greg Brown, Nick Deal, Pat Bailey, Matt Brown, Maxine Jones, Florence Brown, Terry Horner, Lynn Ledbetter, Brad Schultz, Barry Newborn, Darryl Burgess & Phil Burress 

NON-VOTING MEMBERS: Bob Lazard | Treasurer; James Roberts | Senior Pastor