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Each year, Church at the Crossing receives a year end offering that goes towards a specific project or need. The 2021 offering helped to remodel The Gathering Place - a space on campus that has since been used for countless ministry opportunities here. This year, the year end offering will be put towards providing for our neighbors in the surrounding community.

The Need

There are currently more than 500 families in Washington Township in regular need of help with groceries and other provisions. A number of these families live within close proximity to Church at the Crossing's campus. In order to meet this ongoing need, Church at the Crossing’s new non-profit, One More, Inc., will be starting a local provisions pantry.

The Vision

Visit the One More website for more info!

The vision of One More is to bring hope to every home by building relationships and meeting needs. The pantry will act as the first step many families take to receive immediate relief. When families can get help receiving food, toiletry items, and cleaning supplies, it frees up their funds to be spent on rent and other bills.

The new pantry will focus on providing staples including rice, pasta, beans, lentils, oatmeal, olive oil, flour, snacks, and other items that can be purchased affordably in bulk and repackaged into smaller amounts. Cleaning supplies and laundry detergent will also be provided. Most often these items cannot be purchased with government assistance and are a huge need among families in the community.

As the pantry grows in the future, there are plans to expand into fresh produce, dairy, and meat and to eventually open for weekly distributions.

The Details

This year, the first $25,000 raised through the year end offering will go to support the One More local provisions pantry. After the pantry is fully funded, offering funds will go to provide practical, safe transportation for ministry use.  Many of our neighbors do not have access to safe transportation to church and ministry activities on our campus, and some travel on foot. The goal is to fully fund transportation solutions, which may include purchasing large passenger vehicles to be used in many capacities, including helping local families and neighbors, youth ministry, mission trips, etc.  All of the funds received beyond the initial $25,000 will go to support these transportation needs.

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