Fight Human Trafficking

Participate in a Prayer Walk for Ascent 121

When we hear the term human trafficking, we often think of brothels in third world countries. In the United States, women and children are being used in the commercial sex industry at an alarming rate. They are exploited through prostitution, pornography, and sexual entertainment. Church at the Crossing is forming significant partnerships with organizations on the front lines of this fight in central Indiana.

We partner with Ascent 121, a faith-based agency that addresses exploitation and trafficking in Indiana through clinical victim services, advocacy and awareness, outreach, anti-demand and prevention, and discipleship and spiritual formation.

Ascent 121 offers a Prayer Journey on the third Saturday of every month. The Prayer Journey is a guided drive through the near east side of Indianapolis to pray for areas affected by trafficking and exploitation. Through this experience, you will learn more about the child welfare system, the juvenile justice system, different ways that teens are drawn into trafficking and recovery services that are available to survivors.


Prayer Walk Details & Registration