Matching Scholarship Program

Attending a Christian college is expensive, but Church at the Crossing is committed to helping our students! 

Because of the generous donations of friends and family at Church at the Crossing, the Matching Scholarship Fund provides dollars for students to attend Anderson University, Indiana Wesleyan University, or Taylor University.

This is not a budgeted item and is dependent upon the charitable donations from alumni, previous recipients, parents and others. The scholarships are available for full-time undergraduate students attending these universities.

matching scholarship table


There is a student application for the matching scholarship fund. Each year the student must renew his/her application. Depending on the university, there may be additional forms to complete.  

New Student Application

Returning Student Application

The requirements for a student to receive matching scholarships from the church are:

  1. You must be a full-time undergraduate student and maintain a C average (2.0 on a 4.0 scale);
  2. You must currently be involved in Church at the Crossing on a regular basis (this will be acknowledged by a staff person);
  3. You should continue to be involved in a local church while on campus;
  4. When you are home, you should attend Church at the Crossing regularly; and
  5. The award is for a maximum of four years and you must apply each year.


Special Opportunity for Indiana Residents:
The state of Indiana offers a special tax credit to taxpayers who support accredited Indiana colleges and universities. When you give a gift to Anderson University or Indiana Wesleyan University, 50% of the amount of your gift comes back to you in the form of savings on your Indiana State Income Tax. Please designate Church at the Crossing Matching Scholarship Fund with your contribution to either one of these universities. This will enable our scholarship fund to award our recipients with up to $3000 per year for four years.

Anderson University

Matching Church Scholarship Office
Attn: Patty Rogers
1100 East Fifth Street
Anderson, IN 46012

Indiana Wesleyan University

Church Relations Office
Attn: Wanda Bosworth
4201 South Washington Street
Marion, IN 46953-4999

Taylor University 

Taylor University does not participate in the tax credit program, so your donations must be sent directly to Church at the Crossing with Matching Scholarship Fund as the memo designation. You may also visit our giving page and delegate your funds to the "Scholarship Program."

If you itemize for federal income tax purposes, you will save even more. In fact, your after-tax cost for a gift to either of these universities could be as little as 15 cents for each dollar given. Click here for more information about the tax benefits.

Every gift you give is an investment in the future of our student leaders!
Please prayerfully consider your gift.


call Pastor Abbie Craig: 317.844.9355; ext. 31
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Abbie Craig

Youth Pastor