Sr. High Workcamp

Sr. High Workcamp

JULY 24-28

For our high schoolers, we are excited to have the opportunity to partner with the ministry of Camp Challenge on Friday, July 24th through Tuesday, July 28th, through physical work projects (such as cabin renovations, fence construction, etc.). Some youth may also join a team to serve at the Young Explorer’s camp on the 27th-28th. In addition, we will participate in IYC Virtual Sessions in the evenings. For youth interested in joining Camp Challenge’s Senior High Camp from July 19-24th, this is an add-on opportunity specifically for Church at the Crossing high schoolers. Youth may also choose to participate only in the Workcamp portion, arriving on Friday, July 24th. Camp Challenge has generously made it possible for youth participating in both Sr High Camp and Workcamp that the cost for Workcamp will be just $50 (registration for Senior High Camp is $300 through Cost for Workcamp for youth who are not participating in Senior High Camp is $200 (or $50 per day). This includes meals, lodging, and some of the workcamp materials expenses. Dessert Theater discounts may be applied toward the cost of this workcamp, or be saved in an account to be used next summer.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Church at the Crossing will not be providing group transportation for any trips this summer. It will be the responsibility of each family to arrange for transportation to and from Camp Challenge. There also are minimum requirements set by Camp Challenge for this to be a mutually beneficial partnership, so plans may adjust if we are not able to meet those minimum numbers. If you are interested in more information in the safety precautions that are in place at Camp Challenge, we are happy to share that information with you. We will be sending everyone the most up-to-date safety guidelines as we get closer, as we anticipate there may be some adjustments as we continue to watch for developing recommendations from the CDC and government officials. Feel free to reach out to Abbie Craig, Youth Pastor, for the current guidelines in place or with any other questions you might have! 

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Youth Pastor