Sunday Group - Cheers

Cheers is a group of people who love to study the Bible. It's a place to ask questions, ponder what the meaning is for our lives, and go into depth so the Bible becomes real and we understand it. We laugh a lot in class but also weep with each other at times. Prayer is a big part of building a sense of community. We have good discussions - relating things to real-life including our grandchildren, the world (and changes we see), our own walk with Christ, and other relevant topics.

We sponsor one child with Children of Promise who is in Tanzania and we sponsor one adult going through Kima International School of Theology (in Kenya, Africa).

Ages: Mix of married couples, singles, widowed, divorced ages 50's-70's, primarily retired or nearing retirement

When: Sundays, 9:30 AM

Room: 130-132

Teachers: Maxine Jones, Ken Armstrong, Bruce Hazel