Whether you're looking for a new career path, want to develop some new skills, or are looking for advice from professionals sharing 'how to' tips, there are a wide range of resources available to help you!

Education, Job Skills Training, Workshops:

Our list of organizations offering education, training and workshops might be of benefit. These range from short, focused events to intensive skill-development and certification programs and more. (Reviewed weekly and updated as needed)

LinkedIn Learning Opportunities:

LinkedIn is a powerful tool in connecting professionally and in finding a new career. Here are some ways to learn more about LinkedIn and how it can be a valuable tool in your job search:

  • read “Social Media: LinkedIn – A Job Seeker’s New Best Friend” in the P2E Guidebook. Work through the “LinkedIn Profile Checklist” and actively use LinkedIn as part of your job search:
  • watch the P2E LinkedIn Is Critical (Overview) video:
LinkedIn Is Critical (Overview)
  • watch the LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial video by Professor Heather Austin to get oriented to LinkedIn and to get key tips toward your job search:
LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial
  • join the weekly P2E Thursday Accountability Group at 9:00 a.m. on Zoom (link here) which includes a LinkedIn Workshop with hands-on LinkedIn learning. Facilitator: Jeff Crane,
  • tap into other resources available that teach you in more detail how to create/update your LinkedIn profile and how to use it to build your network of connections toward career networking. (Examples: your local public library, WorkOne offices, etc.)

STAR Stories:

Accomplishments are an important foundation for communicating what you have done, why you fit, and what you offer an organization.

  • Accomplishments indicate specifically what you have achieved during your career.
  • Accomplishments are used throughout the career development process.
  • In thinking about which accomplishments to highlight, consider what you want to do in addition to what you have done.

The “STAR Story” is a powerful tool in outlining your key successes-accomplishments-achievements.

Learn how!

Informational Meetings:

The information meeting (sometimes called “informational interview”) serves as a valuable job-hunting tool to research careers or areas you’d like to explore, find out what companies are hiring, what jobs are available, what skills those jobs require, and more. Use of this approach might be the best way to find a position you really like, because the dynamics are entirely different from those of a job interview.

Learn how!

P2E Workshop Lessons:

There are several critical disciplines in launching and maintaining an effective career search. Use the link below to view concise “Workshop Lessons” for a crash course addressing the basic requirements of a job search.

You will find experience-driven best practices for building a resume, dealing with the Applicant Tracking System software, preparing for interviews, job search communication, and more!

Key Topic videos from our P2E Workshops: